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AMD has a clear impact on quality of life:

For people with vision loss:

  • Nursing home admissions - 3 yrs earlier than average
  • Falls - 2X the average rate
  • Depression - 3X the average rate
  • Hip fracture - 4X the average rate
  • Deaths - 2 years earlier than average
  • Survey of Patients with AMD indicated they would trade 30% of their remaining life to regain vision.



 Source: A Clear Vision – a solution to Canada’s vision loss crisis


The risk for AMD is mostly genetic

Encourage your AMD patients to have a frank discussion with their children and siblings about prevention.  They don't have to lose their vision.  If regular examinations, frequent monitoring and nutritional intervention is recommended, it's very possible to delay or even stop the onset of AMD.

An important AMD Resource:

Macular Degeneration Association

One of the principal missions of the Macular Degeneration Association that distinguishes us from other Macular organizations is our focus on patient education that enables macular patients and their caregivers to live fuller and more comfortable lives with macular degeneration. Our seminars and conferences offer life-changing tools and knowledge for persons affected by macular degeneration.


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